Project Baki 2 Codes: March 2024 Updates are here!

Explore techtupedia for Project Baki 2’s cool loot! Get active codes for rewards like currency and stat resets. Stay tuned for updated codes and sweet in-game perks!

Project Baki 2

Project Baki 2 is the ultimate fighting game. You train hard to become the strongest. Unlock amazing abilities and display skills in street fights. Climb leaderboards with punches, kicks, and blocks. Show you’re the mightiest warrior in town. Maybe we’ll meet for an epic showdown!

Now, let me tell you something interesting: codes. These codes can get you awesome rewards in Project Baki 2. You can score Yen for a quick boost. Get Stat Resets to tweak your build. Other awesome rewards can help you climb to the top fast.

If you love fighting games, we’ve got you covered! Check out Anime Rising Fighting Codes and Roblox Boss Fighting Simulator Codes for cool rewards and fame.

Ready to go? Claim the codes, train, unleash your warrior in Project Baki 2!

Project Baki 2 Codes
Project Baki 2 Codes

All Roblox Project Baki 2 Codes List

Codes (Working)


Code Reward
53KLIKESWOW 4 Million Yen
PB3 1 Million Yen
NATSU 3AM 4 Million Yen
SAMNKURE x15 Stat Resets
52KLIKES! 1,000 Souls
AKOYA FIX 4 Million Yen
51KLIKES 2 Million Yen, x5 Stats Reset
COPYTECH 2.5 Million Yen
WERESOBACK 5 Million Yen, x5 Stats Reset
ISTHISREAL 5 Million Yen, x5 Stats Reset, Title
50K LIKES RELIC RESET Artefact Reset
50KLIKES! 15 Million Yen, x15 Stat Reset, x15 Color Reroll
SECRETCODY Gojo Pack, Meow Titles
TIKTOK800 2 Million Yen, Title

Expired Codes

Expired Code Reason for Expiry
SomeoneNerfHurke! Expired
WeLoveOsaWeHateCheddar Expired
IsItTeaTime? Expired
vampmaskplzplzplzplz Expired

Redeeming these expired codes won’t get you any rewards. Watch for new codes to enhance your Project Baki 2 adventure.

How To Redeem Codes in Project Baki 2

  • To start, click the gear icon on your screen’s left side. It looks like a small gear or cogwheel.
  • Once you click the gear icon, find “Redeem Codes.” Open it.
  • In the redemption menu, enter your code exactly as shown.
  • Click “REDEEM” after you enter the code to claim rewards.
  • That’s all! Follow these steps for Roblox Project Baki 2 loot.
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How to Get Core Roblox Project Baki 2 Codes

If you’re excited about finding more codes for Roblox Project Baki 2, you have a few easy ways to do it. Keep an eye on the game developer, known as @SquidyCakez. They often post new codes and updates on Twitter. Another great option is to join the official Project Baki 2 Discord Server. Developers interact with players there and share special codes and event details.

If you want an easy solution, bookmark this page. It’s regularly updated with Project Baki 2 codes. Save time searching the internet for codes. By bookmarking, access the latest codes quickly for in-game redemption. Never miss out on exciting rewards or bonuses developers offer.

Why My Roblox Project Baki 2 Codes Are Not Working?

If Roblox Project Baki 2 codes aren’t working, here’s why: Firstly, a simple typo while entering the code could be the culprit. It’s a common mistake, so make sure to type the codes accurately as shown above to avoid errors. Secondly, each code can only be used once per account. If you’ve already used a specific code before, it won’t work again. Lastly, keep in mind that codes have expiration dates. If a code is no longer valid, it won’t work either. If you think a code is expired and not working, please inform us in the comments so we can update our list.

How to Get More Free Rewards

Currently, no extra ways to earn free rewards in Roblox Project Baki 2. If there’s a new update with freebies, we’ll keep you posted. Want some items now? Go to the shop and buy using Robux. Also, grab EXP-boosting protein shakes at the gym. Stock up with yen, refill by claiming codes. Stay alert for updates and keep leveling up!

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Project Baki 2 Trello

The Project Baki 2 Trello is a handy hub for players. It gives insights into the game and helps you understand its basics better than a regular Wiki page. Trello, an online tool for managing projects, is the perfect platform for this. It helps creators and developers organize information efficiently using cards.

Utilizing Trello’s features, Project Baki 2 creators made a helpful board. It’s typical for Roblox developers to use Trello Boards. You can access them for free with the link. The Project Baki 2 Trello holds valuable info.

Right away, you’ll see important game links. It also answers common player questions. Whether you’re new or experienced, Project Baki 2 Trello has you covered.

How To Use the Project Baki 2 Trello

Exploring Project Baki 2 Trello is simple. Its layout is well-organized. Different sections cover various aspects of the game. Need basic info or combat techniques? You’ll find them easily. The Basic Info section has essential details. Fighting Moves/Styles covers combat techniques.

Event Fighting Styles reveals special event-related content. Locations/Important Locations highlight key spots. NPC/Bosses profiles in-game characters. Map/Annotated Map aids navigation visually. Training/Jobs/Quests offers character development resources. Sections on items, relics, implants, titles, and passes exist. Other – Credits acknowledges contributors. This structure makes information easily accessible for players.

Project Baki 2 Controls

The team creating Project Baki 2 wants to bring exciting gameplay with intense fights and easy controls. Getting the hang of the game is easy after learning basics.

Key(s) Function
Q Execute a swift dash manoeuvre, allowing quick repositioning during combat.
G Activate Rage mode when health drops to critical levels, unleashing full character potential.
F Employ block function to provide a defensive stance and mitigate incoming damage.
W + W / Left Control Engage in rapid movement by double pressing W or pressing Left Control to sprint.
Z / X / C / V / B Utilize a variety of abilities, unleashing powerful attacks or special moves.

With simple controls, diving into Project Baki 2 is easy. You can focus on the thrilling action without complex button combos.

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Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Thrilling, fast-paced gameplay Limited gameplay mechanics variety
Easy-to-use, intuitive controls Shallow storyline depth
Regular content updates keep it fresh Possibility of repetitive gameplay
Immersive multiplayer features Occasional bugs or glitches
Active and vibrant in-game community Reliance on microtransactions for progress

This table shows Project Baki 2’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps players choose wisely.


How do I redeem codes in Project Baki 2?

To use codes in Project Baki 2, go to the game. Find the “Codes” button, click it. Enter the code, then hit “Submit” to get rewards.

To run Project Baki 2 smoothly, here are the requirements:

Project Baki 2 needs Windows 10, macOS, iOS, Android, or Xbox One. You also need a good internet connection. Your hardware must handle the game’s graphics and gameplay well.

Looking for a beginner’s guide to Project Baki 2?

Project Baki 2 offers a thorough tutorial for beginners. It explains game mechanics and features clearly. You can find it in-game or through developer-provided resources.

Are any upcoming updates or expansions for Project Baki 2 planned?

The Project Baki 2 team keeps improving the game regularly. Stay tuned for updates from the developers for more content.


Project Baki 2 is immersive and action-packed with straightforward controls. It boasts a vibrant community and regular updates. Players engage in fierce street fights, unlock jaw-dropping abilities, and climb leaderboards. Codes offer extra excitement with valuable rewards like currency and exclusive items.

The game has its flaws, such as limited gameplay options and occasional bugs. But it’s the engaging multiplayer and user-friendly controls that hook players in. Comprehensive tutorials help both new and experienced players enjoy the game. The development team’s commitment to updates ensures ongoing evolution. Project Baki 2 promises thrilling experiences and endless opportunities. Whether you’re into fighting games or craving adventure. this game allows you to channel your inner warrior. Feel free to share any working codes in the comments. Enjoy gaming!

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