MW3 Zombies: Mastering the Cryo Freeze – A Guide to Slowing Zombies and Hellhounds

The world hangs in the balance. Captain Price and Task Force 141 battle to stop Vladimir Makarov’s pursuit of power. But, a more terrifying threat rises from the grave. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 raises the stakes with the introduction of MWZ. It’s a huge open-world zombie experience. It’s unlike anything seen before in the franchise.

This mode is monumental. It takes the classic Zombies formula to new, huge, and ambitious levels. MWZ stands as the largest zombie playground ever created. It is full of story missions. It also has special zombie gameplay and fun easter eggs. Players must use every resource to survive. They face this tough new challenge alone or in a squad.

The combat is high-stakes. An arsenal of deadly Ammo Mods makes it more deadly. They give your weapons special powers. The “Cryo Freeze” mod is among the most bone-chilling. It can freeze the undead horde with sub-zero bullets.

This vital guide will teach you to use the Cryo Freeze’s paralyzing power. You’ll use it against the nonstop zombie forces. The mission is to deploy this super-cold ammo. It will slow 50 zombies and 10 hellhounds. This will give you a much-needed chance to regroup and push back against the icy grip of the undying.

But the chills don’t stop there. MWZ has sixteen remastered maps from Modern Warfare 2. The game integrated them into its open battlespace. You may be a new soldier in the war against the zombie apocalypse or a grizzled veteran. This huge new battle will push your survival skills to their limits.

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Get ready to see the ultimate mix of modern Call of Duty warfare and reanimated horror. It’s on a new scale. In Modern Warfare 3’s MWZ mode, the zombie horde is vast. The creative ambition on display is even vaster.

How to Slow 50 Zombies and 10 Hellhounds in MW3 Zombies-

MW3 Zombies: Mastering the Cryo Freeze - A Guide to Slowing Zombies and Hellhounds

MW3 Zombies: Mastering the Cryo Freeze – A Guide to Slowing Zombies and Hellhounds

Here are the steps to slow 50 zombies and 10 hellhounds. Use the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod in Modern Warfare 3’s MWZ Zombies mode:

  1. Get the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod. The first step is getting this freezing ammo mod. There are a few different ways to get it:

  • Complete the “Take Up Arms” mission

  • Earn it as a reward from Aether Caches

  • Unlock it through Contracts

  • Random drop from the Elemental Pop loot

  1. Equip the Cryo Freeze Mod Once you have the mod, equip it to one of your weapon load-outs:

  • Go to the Gear menu and select Rucksack

  • Hit the “+” icon to access the Acquisition Stash

  • Find the Cryo Freeze Ammo Mod and select Equip

  1. Use a weak firearm, like a handgun. It’s important when trying to slow zombies with this mod. Powerful weapons will likely kill them first. Then, you can apply the freezing effect.

  2. Head to areas with zombies and hellhounds. But, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Medium threat zones with manageable numbers are ideal.

  3. Aim at one zombie or hellhound. Focus your fire on it. The Cryo Freeze rounds will cover it in ice, slowing it.

Another option is to use Contracts. They spawn zombies at your location for you to fight.

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The key is firing enough Cryo Freeze ammo to slow the frozen foes, without destroying them. Hit 50 slowed zombies and 10 hellhounds. Then, you’ll finish this chilling goal.

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