Zodahub Video Trending on Twitter

The Zodahub video is trending on social media, stirring debates on its truth.

Many users question whether the videos are genuine or merely a marketing ploy.

Many people are hunting for the viral video on Twitter.

Twitter user @Zodahub has close to 1k followers. However, their profile has no tweets, which is suspicious.

Instead, a link is provided in their bio, redirecting users to a Beacons profile upon visiting.

This Beacons profile leads to an external website prompting visitors to sign up.

The video seems like a trick to lure people in. They might share personal or financial details.

Is the Zodahub video fake?

The Zodahub video on Twitter is a fake scam.

Twitter has many gimmicks for advertising external products.

Clicking on the video link leads to signing up for services. You’ll need to provide your payment details.

Who is Zodahub on Twitter?

Zodahub, a Twitter account with close to 1k followers, promotes “Instadate.”

Instadate offers a platform for chatting and meeting new people. However, the app has a low rating of 2.4 out of 5 stars on the Google Play Store, which mars its reputation.

Numerous reviews mention spam texts and fake email usage in the app.

Instadate’s Twitter promotions face backlash over user experiences.

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