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Maximizing Instagram Highlights for Blank Space

Author: Amresh Mishra | Published On: May 2, 2023

Instagram highlights are a popular feature that allows users to showcase their best stories on their profile permanently. They provide a great way to give a quick introduction to your profile to new visitors, as well as highlight your best content. However, creating visually appealing highlights that effectively convey your message can be challenging. One way to make your highlights stand out is by adding blank spaces between them.

In this article, we will explore how to create blank space for Instagram highlights and why it can be beneficial for your profile.

What are Instagram Highlights?

Instagram Highlights are a collection of stories that are grouped together and appear at the top of an Instagram user’s profile. Unlike regular stories, highlights stay visible even after the 24-hour time limit. Instagram users can add and customize highlights to showcase their brand, products, services, or personal interests.

Why are They Important?

Instagram Highlights are important because they allow users to showcase their best content to their followers in a visually appealing way. By creating highlights that showcase the best of their brand or personal life, users can increase engagement and build their personal or business brand. Instagram highlights also allow users to express themselves creatively and provide a way to organize their content for easy viewing by their followers.

Creating Instagram Highlights

How to Create an Instagram Highlight:

Instagram highlights are a great way to showcase your best content and let your followers get to know you better. To create a highlight, go to your Instagram profile, click on the “New” button under the “Highlights” section, choose the Stories you want to add to the Highlight, and give it a name.

Choosing the Right Cover Image for Your Highlight:

The cover image of your Instagram highlight is the first thing your followers will see, so it’s important to choose an image that represents the content of your Highlight. You can choose any image from the Stories you’ve added to the Highlight or create a custom cover image. To change the cover image, open the Highlight, click on the three dots at the bottom right corner, select “Edit Highlight,” and then “Edit Cover.”

Customizing Instagram Highlights

Changing the Highlight Name and Cover Image:

If you want to change the name or cover image of your Instagram Highlight, it’s easy to do so. To change the name, simply tap and hold the Highlight and select “Edit Highlight.” From there, you can change the name and cover image. Choose an image that best represents the Highlight and catches the viewer’s attention.

Editing or Deleting Highlight Content:

If you want to add or remove content from an existing Highlight, tap and hold the Highlight, select “Edit Highlight,” and then tap and hold the content you want to edit or delete. You can add new content from your profile, archived stories, or by using the “Add to Highlights” feature when posting a new story. If you want to delete the entire Highlight, simply tap and hold the Highlight and select “Delete Highlight.”

Using Blank Spaces in Instagram Highlights

What are Blank Spaces and Why Use Them?

Blank spaces in Instagram highlights are empty areas with no content. They are used to create a visually appealing layout for your profile and highlights. By strategically placing blank spaces, you can organize your highlights and make them easier to navigate for your audience. Blank spaces can also be used to create a clean and minimalistic look for your profile.

How to Create Blank Spaces in Highlights:

To create blank spaces in your Instagram highlights, you can use a simple trick of creating a transparent image. You can use any photo editing tool to create a transparent image with the dimensions of your highlight cover. Once you have created the transparent image, upload it as a cover for a new highlight. This will create a blank space that you can use to separate your highlights. Repeat the process for as many blank spaces as you need.

Examples of Instagram Highlights with Blank Spaces

Examples of Creatively Using Blank Spaces:

Blank spaces in Instagram highlights can be used to create a unique and visually appealing profile for your brand or personal account. Some popular ways to use blank spaces include creating custom graphics, using consistent colors or patterns, and dividing content into categories. You can also use blank spaces to create a minimalistic look, highlight important messages or promotions, or to break up long blocks of text.

Inspiration for Creating Unique Highlight Designs:

When creating unique highlight designs, consider the overall aesthetic of your profile and the message you want to convey to your audience. Use bold fonts, bright colors, and eye-catching graphics to grab attention and make your highlights stand out. You can also use different icons or symbols to represent different categories, such as a camera icon for photography-related content or a microphone icon for podcasts. Get creative and experiment with different designs to find what works best for your brand or personal style.


In conclusion, using blank spaces in Instagram highlights is a creative way to make your profile stand out. It can help draw attention to specific themes or topics and make your profile look more organized. With the right cover image and content, your highlights can be an effective way to showcase your brand or personality. Experiment with different designs and styles, and don’t be afraid to get creative. By using blank spaces strategically, you can make your highlights visually appealing and engaging for your audience.

Author: Amresh Mishra
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