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What Does Muting on Whatsapp Do

Author: Amresh Mishra | Published On: July 25, 2023

In the dynamic world of instant messaging, WhatsApp has emerged as a frontrunner, connecting billions of users worldwide with seamless communication. However, with the constant influx of messages, notifications can become overwhelming, disrupting our peace of mind. Fortunately, WhatsApp offers a convenient feature known as “Muting” that allows users to regain control over their notification settings.

In this article, we will delve into the concept of muting on WhatsApp, its benefits, and how it empowers users to manage their messaging experience more efficiently.

The Concept of Muting on WhatsApp

Definition and Purpose of Muting:

Muting on WhatsApp refers to a valuable feature that allows users to temporarily silence notifications from specific chats or groups, providing them respite from incessant message alerts without severing communication ties. The primary purpose of muting is to offer users greater control over their messaging experience, ensuring they stay connected to conversations while reducing disruptions during crucial moments.

Transitioning into the world of muting, it is essential to understand how this feature differs from blocking, which is often a point of confusion for many WhatsApp users.

Differentiating Muting from Blocking:

Muting and blocking serve distinct purposes on WhatsApp:

Muting: When you mute a chat or a group, you retain access to the conversation, and all messages continue to be delivered silently. The chat remains visible in your chat list, but your device no longer emits notification sounds or vibrations for messages from that particular chat. This feature is particularly helpful for quieting noisy group chats or muting less urgent conversations temporarily.

Blocking: Blocking, on the other hand, is a more assertive action that severs communication entirely between you and the blocked contact. When you block someone, they are removed from your contacts, and their messages are no longer delivered to you. Additionally, they won’t be able to see your last seen status or profile picture. Blocking is a useful tool for filtering out unwanted or harmful contacts and maintaining privacy.

How to Mute Chats on WhatsApp

Step-by-Step Guide for Individual Chats:

Muting individual chats on WhatsApp is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with just a few taps. Follow these simple steps to mute a specific chat:

  1. Open WhatsApp: Launch the WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
  2. Select the Chat: Choose the individual chat that you want to mute from your chat list.
  3. Access Chat Options: Once you’re in the chat, tap on the contact’s name or the chat settings icon at the top of the screen. This will open the chat details page.
  4. Mute the Chat: On the chat details page, scroll down to find the “Mute” option. Tap on it to access the mute settings.
  5. Choose Duration: WhatsApp will present you with three options for muting the chat: 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. Select the duration that best suits your preferences.
  6. Confirm Muting: After selecting the desired mute duration, confirm your choice by tapping “OK.” The chat will now be muted, and you will no longer receive notification sounds or vibrations for messages from this chat.
Muting Group Chats: A Walkthrough:

Muting group chats can be particularly beneficial, considering they often involve numerous active participants. Follow these steps to mute a group chat on WhatsApp:

  1. Open WhatsApp: Launch WhatsApp on your device.
  2. Select Group Chat: From your chat list, choose the group chat that you want to mute.
  3. Access Group Info: Within the group chat, tap on the group name at the top of the screen to access the group info page.
  4. Mute the Group: Scroll down on the group info page to locate the “Mute” option. Tap on it to access the mute settings.
  5. Choose Duration: Similar to muting an individual chat, you will be presented with three mute duration options: 8 hours, 1 week, and 1 year. Choose the most suitable duration for muting the group.
  6. Confirm Muting: After selecting the desired duration, confirm your decision by tapping “OK.” The group chat will now be muted, sparing you from constant notification disruptions.

Understanding Muted Chats

Notifications and Messages: Clarifying the Difference:

It’s crucial to understand the distinction between muting notifications and muting messages on WhatsApp. Muting notifications means you won’t receive any audible alerts or vibrations for new messages, group updates, or calls from the muted chat. However, you’ll still see the messages and updates when you open WhatsApp.

On the other hand, muting messages is specific to group chats or individual conversations. When you mute a chat, you stop receiving notification banners and sounds for new messages in that chat. But, the chat remains visible in your chat list, and you can read the messages at your convenience.

Contact Notification: Will They Know You’ve Muted Them?

One of the most significant advantages of muting on WhatsApp is the discreetness it offers. When you mute a chat, the other person won’t receive any notification or alert indicating that they’ve been muted. It’s a private action that only affects your notification preferences.

Muting allows you to manage your WhatsApp conversations without causing any awkwardness or conflicts with the other person. It’s an essential tool for controlling your chat experience without the worry of hurting someone’s feelings or appearing unresponsive.

Benefits of Using the Mute Feature

Preserving Peace and Privacy:

The mute feature on WhatsApp offers users a valuable advantage by helping them preserve their peace of mind and safeguard their privacy. By muting specific chats or group conversations, users can discreetly distance themselves from unwanted or potentially sensitive content without unfollowing or blocking contacts.

This allows individuals to curate their WhatsApp experience according to their preferences, ensuring a more harmonious and enjoyable communication environment. Whether it’s muting a friend’s incessant updates or temporarily silencing a busy group chat, users can manage their online interactions discreetly, avoiding unnecessary conflicts and maintaining positive relationships.

Reducing Distractions Without Ignoring Conversations:

One of the key benefits of the mute feature is its ability to minimize distractions while still keeping users engaged in essential conversations. By muting chat notifications, users can focus on other tasks without the constant interruption of message alerts. This proves particularly useful in work settings or during critical moments when undivided attention is necessary.

Moreover, muting allows users to strike a balance between staying connected and reducing digital noise. Muted chats remain accessible, ensuring that users can participate actively whenever they choose, without ignoring any messages or appearing unresponsive.


In conclusion, the mute feature on WhatsApp proves to be a powerful tool for users seeking a more streamlined and personalized messaging experience. By muting individual chats or group conversations, users can reduce distractions, preserve their peace of mind, and maintain privacy discreetly. It allows them to curate their online interactions while staying actively engaged in important conversations.

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