What’s A Finsta? The Art of The Finstagram

Author: Amresh Mishra | Published On: February 10, 2024

Finstagram: Instagram shows only the best moments. But real life isn’t always perfect. That’s why people have finstagrams. Finstagrams are private accounts where you can share the real stuff. It’s a way to be honest with a trusted group. On your main profile, you show off your best self. But on your finsta, you show the good and the bad.

You can vent, share embarrassing moments, and be yourself without worrying about looking perfect. It’s a way to keep it real in a world where people pretend to be perfect all the time. Behind every perfect post is a finsta that shows the truth.

Fake + Instagram = Finstagram


There is a secret Instagram account behind every perfect Instagram feed. This account has less than perfect truths. It is called a “finsta” and it is a private place for being real with your closest friends.

A “finsta” is different from your public profile. Your public profile is made to get lots of likes. It is neat and perfect. But a “finsta” is real. There are no filters. It is a secret account that not even parents or bosses can see. The things you post on your “finsta” are not glamorous like your perfect selfies or vacation videos.

On your “finsta,” you can share embarrassing mistakes, times when you ate too much, when you cried and had bad hair days. You can even show your pimples and bloated belly. Your “finsta” shows the messy, unedited reality of your life. It reminds people that even if their life looks perfect, they also have embarrassing moments and ugly truths.

Studies show that when you post about your failures and flaws, it helps your followers feel less alone and inadequate. It also helps to ease anxiety in a time when everyone tries to be perfect in public.

So embrace the chaos, be real with your close friends, and say goodbye to FOMO. Your “fake” Instagram account is proof that no one’s life is as perfect as it looks on Instagram. Be proud of your “finsta”!

Why should parents care?

Finstas may seem fun, but they can hide concerning behavior. Before your teen starts a secret Instagram, consider the risks.

Finsta accounts use privacy settings to hide from adults. But secrets can easily be shared with screenshots. What starts as sharing between friends can become dangerous.

Behind finstas’ jokes and selfies, teens may flaunt illegal activities. Some may cyberbully or share explicit content.

If your teen has an unauthorized account, they may not feel comfortable talking openly. It’s important to keep communication open. Talk about social media use without judgement.

You can help your teen make smart choices online by listening and being supportive. Counselors can also help if needed.

What To Post On A Finstagram

Finstas give you permission to get as real as an airbrushed abs selfie is fake. While your prim and proper main stays polished for public consumption, your finsta invites unfiltered authenticity amongst inner circles. Consider it a judgment-free safe space to shine a spotlight on your less than alluring moments without platforms and personas.

So what earns prime real estate on these private pages filled with unflattering truths? The opportunities for radical authenticity are endless! Chest-chin selfies spotlighting any lingering neck fuzz, videos busting drunk dance moves on bars, lengthy lamentations about bombing tests…it’s all fair game in finsta land!

Other prime posts sure to slay on secret profiles include:

Epic hangovers and their ugly aftermaths – think nonstop nausea selfies from the cold bathroom floor

Double chin disasters going incognito in oversized hoodies after a breakup/ice cream binge

Crying fits brought on by life’s little (or big) letdowns

The key is keeping it authentic and embracing those not-so-glamorous moments that define the human experience as much as picture-perfect positivity. While your main may host the highlight reel, your finsta features the outtakes and the awkward scenes we all relate to. So take a deep breath and bare your soul sloppiness on finsta. Get real and let those filters fade!

The Finsta Challenge

Struggling to dream up tantalizing content for your top secret finsta feed? Never fear – the Finsta Challenge is here! This handy prompt list guides you to drill down into your camera roll’s darkest, messiest depths in search of share-worthy embarrassments.

Essentially, the Finsta Challenge dishes out daily photo or story ideas designed specifically to slay on fake Instagram. We’re talking next-level authenticity…and the perfect excuse to stop filtering yourself for the ‘gram!

While prompts range far and wide, some sloppy faves include:

Inelegant selfies spotlighting double chins and bedhead

Pics peeking inside your private spaces – say, that disaster zone also known as your bedroom

Screengrabs immortalizing your most hilarious (or humiliating) text threads and snap stories

TBTs resurrecting your cringiest past looks and phases

*Odes to your true spirit animals – Hungover Sloth, anyone?

Play-by-plays of your most cringe-inducing crush encounters

Basically, it all comes down to getting real without restraint. Consider the Finsta Challenge your hall pass to ditch filters and flood your secret feed with those less than glam moments that define the human experience. Ugly mishaps, foul moods and silly bloopers for the win!

Create Your Own Finstagram

Tired of the constant perfection on your Instagram? Want a place where you can be silly, messy, and completely real without judgment? Then it’s time to join the finsta revolution!

Forget about filters and start sharing life’s not-so-glamorous moments by creating your own “fake Instagram” profile. It’s easy to set up – just make a second account on Instagram, set it to private, and only invite your closest friends to follow.

Start filling your finsta feed with funny moments, bad hair days, and embarrassing mishaps that you wouldn’t dare post on your main account. No more pressure to look perfect or pretend you only eat healthy food! This is a safe space to show your true, unedited self – double chins, food babies, and all.

Treat yourself to some unfiltered finsta therapy today. Those less-than-gorgeous pictures cluttering up your camera roll finally have a place where they’ll be celebrated, not judged. Be silly, be messy, and feel the freedom that comes with being transparent and authentic. Your new fake Instagram is waiting – it’s time to be ruthlessly real!

Author: Amresh Mishra
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