Google’s Bard AI Gets Improved Text Editing Capabilities

Google is rolling out a useful update to its AI chatbot Bard. People knew Bard as Gemini. The update lets users adjust the bot’s responses more.

The new feature adds options to remake, shorten, lengthen, or remove parts of Bard’s text. You can do this through a simple interface. Users can now highlight the section they want to change. They can then choose the change they want to apply. This is instead of having to ask Bard to rewrite the whole response.

Users need to open Bard in a desktop web browser to access the editing tools. They also need to generate an initial response. You can highlight any part of Bard’s text and click the new “wand” button that appears. It offers four modification choices: Regenerate, Shorter, Longer, and Remove.

Google Gemini now lets you tune responses to your liking

As the names suggest, Regenerate will rewrite the highlighted snippet. Shorter and Longer adjust the length and details. The Remove option deletes the selected text.

Users can also type a custom prompt into Bard’s “Change with a prompt” field. This allows them to request more specific edits. For example, they can ask it to “make this shorter” or “expand on this.”

The new editing tools aim to provide smoother, more iterative interaction. They are for collaborating with the AI assistant to refine and shape its responses. Yet, the feature does have some limitations currently.

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Some formatting changes may not work. This includes trying to change responses with code blocks or images. The editing options only work for English responses. They are only available through Bard’s web interface so far.

Still, the update is a step forward for Google. It’s part of their efforts to make their AI more controllable and customizable. They are making these changes. They do this as they compete with rivals like ChatGPT in the generative AI world.

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