How to Fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error in Fortnite

Author: Amresh Mishra | Published On: March 15, 2024

Are you encountering the dreaded ESP-BUIMET-003 error code while trying to play Fortnite or access other Epic Games services? This frustrating error can manifest on a variety of platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles, leaving you unable to enjoy your favorite game or access Epic Games content.

In most cases, the ESP-BUIMET-003 error indicates that the Fortnite servers are currently down or experiencing difficulties. To verify the server status, you can check the official Epic Games server status page at, monitor the Fortnite Twitter account, or consult online outage detection tools like Down Detector.

However, if the servers appear to be operational, there are several troubleshooting methods you can employ to resolve this error code. This comprehensive guide will walk you through various solutions to fix the ESP-BUIMET-003 error in Fortnite or other Epic Games applications on PC, PlayStation, or Xbox platforms, ensuring you can get back to gaming or accessing your desired content as quickly as possible.

How to Fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error in Fortnite

How to Fix ESP-BUIMET-003 Error in Fortnite-

Encountering the ESP-BUIMET-003 error code in Fortnite or other Epic Games applications can be a frustrating experience. Before attempting any fixes, it’s crucial to check the Epic Games Server Status to ensure all systems are operational. If some services are down or Fortnite is undergoing maintenance, you’ll need to exercise patience and wait a few hours before attempting to play or access Epic Games content again.

However, if the servers are up and running smoothly, one potential solution is to change your DNS (Domain Name System) servers to the Google Public DNS. This can help resolve connectivity issues and potentially fix the ESP-BUIMET-003 error. Here’s how to change your DNS settings on different platforms:

Change your DNS on the PC

  1. Search for “Control Panel” using the Windows Search and open it.
  2. Navigate to Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Connections (e.g., Ethernet).
  3. Select “Properties” and double-click “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”.
  4. Enable the “Use the following DNS server addresses” option.
  5. Enter “” as the preferred DNS server.
  6. Enter “” as the alternate DNS server.
  7. Select “OK”, open the Epic Games Launcher, and try signing in.

Change your DNS on PlayStation

  1. Go to PS4/PS5 settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection.
  2. Select Wi-Fi or LAN, depending on your connection type.
  3. Set the IP address setting to Automatic.
  4. Set DHCP Host Name to Do Not Specify.
  5. Set DNS settings to Manual.
  6. Enter as the Primary DNS.
  7. Enter as the Secondary DNS.
  8. Set MTU settings to Automatic.
  9. Set Proxy server to Do not use.

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Change your DNS on Xbox

  1. Open your Xbox settings.
  2. Navigate to General > Network settings > Advanced settings.
  3. Under DNS settings, select Manual.
  4. Enter as the Primary DNS.
  5. Enter as the Secondary DNS.

By following these steps and changing your DNS settings to the Google Public DNS, you may be able to resolve the ESP-BUIMET-003 error code and regain access to Fortnite or other Epic Games services on your preferred platform.

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