How to Play the Emoji Game on Instagram

Instagram now has a cool hidden feature in DMs for fun chats.

This new feature turns emojis into fun games like Brick Breaker.

To play this game, keep the emoji bouncing with the paddle.

Your task is to maneuver the paddle to ensure that the emoji stays in the air and doesn’t fall to the ground.

If the emoji drops, the game ends, so aim to keep it bouncing for as long as possible.

This guide shows you how to find and play a hidden emoji game in Instagram’s DMs.

How to Play the Emoji Game on Instagram

How to Play the Emoji Game on Instagram
How to Play the Emoji Game on Instagram

To play the emoji game on Instagram, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open Instagram: To start, open Instagram and tap the message icon. It’s at the top right.

  2. Select a Chat: Choose a chat with someone you want to play the game with.

  3. Access Emoji Keyboard: Once in the chat, navigate to the emoji keyboard by tapping on the text input field.

  4. Send an Emoji: Select an emoji from the emoji keyboard and send it to the recipient. For example, you can choose a laughing emoji.

  5. Start Playing: After sending the emoji, tap on the emoji you just sent to the chat. This action starts the emoji game. Control a paddle to bounce emojis.

Enjoy playing the emoji game with your friends in Instagram’s direct messages!

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