Tower of Fantasy: A Guide to the Lepus Constellation

The open world of the popular online game Tower of Fantasy is vast. It calls players to explore its detailed lands and environments. But exploration rewards more than taking in the sights. Gamers can find gold, money, and gacha materials by playing across the realms of Aida. They use the materials to unlock new characters and items.

You will find many discoveries. They include hidden environmental puzzles. These brainteasers involve interpreting constellations. Special telescopes project the constellations on the map.

In all, there are 11 of these constellation puzzles. Players tackle them as they roam Aida’s territories. The Lepus constellation puzzle is one such stargazing challenge. It tests their wits and observational skills.

Cracking these cosmic riddles isn’t about showing off puzzle-solving prowess. Those who can see the sky’s patterns can gain rewards. The rewards help their journey through Tower of Fantasy’s rich content. The game’s immersive world design blends exploration and mind-bending obstacles.

Tower of Fantasy: A Guide to the Lepus Constellation

Where to Locate the Lepus Constellation Puzzle

To solve the Lepus Constellation puzzle in Tower of Fantasy, players need to find the telescope. It triggers the puzzle. The instrument is southeast of the Navia Bay area. It is near a small building with satellite dishes on its roof.

The easiest way to get to the puzzle site is to open your map. Find the blue camping icon behind your character. Then, set it as a waypoint. Doing so will provide an on-screen guide highlighting the path to follow. Once you arrive at the marked destination, close the telescope. It activates the Lepus puzzle.

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Approach and interact with the telescope to start the constellation puzzle sequence. The game will show you a vista of the night sky. It will challenge you to decipher the celestial arrangement. You must connect the stars to the pattern of the Lepus constellation.

Study the projected star field. Identify the proper stellar configuration. This is the key to cracking this puzzle.

Discovering the right shape will bring a reward.

These puzzles are worth the time to find and solve across Aida’s vast landscapes.

How to Solve the Constellation Puzzle

Once you use the telescope, the Lepus Constellation puzzle will show you the star-filled night sky. Your goal is to identify and connect the stellar points that form the shape of the Lepus constellation.

The puzzle interface works like a celestial connect-the-dots. Each star has a number showing the order to link them. Still, without following the numbers, the game will show this if you trace the constellation right.

You select stars to connect. The line between them will turn yellow if you’ve found the right points of the constellation. , an incorrect line between stars will appear blue. A restart button allows you to clear your attempt and begin fresh.

To solve the Lepus puzzle, connect the stars to make the shape in this image.

Tower of Fantasy: A Guide to the Lepus Constellation-

Unlocking the Secrets of Lepus: A Celestial Reward

After completing the puzzle, you’ll earn a black nucleus. You can use it to roll for the black nucleus banner.

You’ll complete the puzzle by tracing the Lepus constellation outline. Connect the highlighted stars in order. A valuable black nucleus will reward you.

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These black nuclei are a special in-game currency. You can spend them on the black nucleus banner. This lets you try your luck to get new characters, weapons, and other powerful items. You do this through Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system.

You earn black nuclei by solving environmental puzzles. These include the stargazing challenges. They provide a satisfying sense of progression. You get to use your problem-solving skills. And, you get resources to enhance your adventuring potential.

There are 11 constellation puzzles across the lands of Aida. Diligent explorers have many chances to win black nuclei prizes. Finishing each cosmic connect-the-dot puzzle brings you closer. It will help you unlock your next upgrade.


The Lepus Constellation puzzle shows how the Tower of Fantasy mixes tough challenges into its open world. The world is pretty. The cosmic connect-the-dot riddles are scattered across Aida. They don’t test your observation and logic. They give rewards to enhance your gameplay journey.

Players use telescopes to reveal stellar patterns. They then trace the highlighted constellations to earn black nuclei currency. You can spend them on the coveted black nucleus banner. This lets you unlock new characters, weapons, and other powerful upgrades. You do this through the game’s gacha system.

Solving all 11 constellation puzzles is hard. Still, the possible bounty of black nuclei makes it worth it. This is for dedicated adventurers. Explore every corner of Aida’s rich world. Look for the telltale telescope icons. They mark the next starry puzzle, which awaits your skill.

Solving environmental brainteasers like these feels immersive. They create a sense of achievement and progress. This feeling is unlike leveling up or grinding enemies. By solving puzzles, you earn resources to power your character’s growth. You can then use them in creative ways to improve the gameplay.

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The puzzle challenges of the constellation motivate deeper exploration and spur creative problem-solving. They are some of Tower of Fantasy’s most ingenious and rewarding content. Prepare to look up. See the star shapes. They hold the keys to your next upgrade.

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